Customised courses

A customised course is what you want when you and your colleagues are looking to expand your knowledge of polymers. With access to a wide network of experts in many different areas, PTG/e is excellently placed to set up a course tailored to your specific company needs. A half-day or full-day seminar, for example, to give your staff the opportunity to catch up with the latest developments in a certain field. Or a tailored multi-day course during which a specific topic, for example plastic and/or material characterisation, is examined and discussed in detail.


PTN courses

Besides offering customised courses built for your company needs, PTG/e organises the more extensive and modular open courses “Register Polymeerkundige (RPK)” and “Coating Technology (CT)” on behalf of Polymeer Technologie Nederland (PTN), the National Dutch Graduate School of Polymer Science & Technology. Information on the RPK and CT courses, including the programmes of the current modules, can be found on the PTN website.

For more information about our courses, you can contact us directly.

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